Peachs O8CRR00s



Sleeping in. A night in with wine, ice cream, and a good movie. The feeling after a workout. The peopleI love. Thai Food after 10pm (before 10pm, I usually feel guilty, but after 10pm I’m like - screw it!)


- Paytra


Aviran’s face when we are on tour because when he is not really awake yet he doesn’t know what is going on or what i am saying or the jokes i make.


- Savinien, ØKUNA  





No there’s no limit


To my mind, my love, my heart, my soul


I’ve been breaking down glass ceilings.


I’m here shining with the moon and the sun



My reasons to  

My family because we’re really really close - maybe slightly crazy! And, my friends and music.


- Olivia Sinclair  


Seeing everybody get lost in the music I play and produce, even if it’s just for a moment.


- Rick Live



Music and food.


- Rae Stewart  


Seeing other people shine. Nature. Animals & Wildlife. Children playing and dancing with not even a smidgen of self consciousness. Great art.


- T8PES  


Quiet your mind and soul!


We must be the light.


Carry on smiling.