Seth Troxler + Lost Souls Of Saturn

By audiationmagazine, May 15 2019 10:11AM

Just a short walk from Liverpool Street station in the heart of East London, there lies Village Underground. A warehouse space tailor-made for bass and hosting big name underground music acts. This Easter Thursday the venue played hosts to an eclectic musical one man show infused with visuals so psychedelic and vibrant you could almost feel them. Seth Troxler + Lost Souls Of Saturn live, was that 1 man show.

Shoreditch has long been seen as a 2nd home to ST, with past years seeing the curation of his Smokey Tails concept, but this was different. Easter Thursday felt like Christmas had come early. It were as if Seth had opened up the doors to his living room, put on his comfy slippers, turned the decks on and simply played music for whoever would listen effortlessly churning out riddim after riddim.

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