By audiationmagazine, May 13 2019 10:11AM

What does a promising futuristic DJ from the UK, Jay Price, currently living in Auckland New Zealand and a South African DJ, now living in Australia, have in common? Get this! An unadulterated passion for music. Techno Music. The untainted colours and vibrations of sound that leave imprints on hearts and awaken souls.

“I have always had a passion for music and have friends in the UK Rap scene, House, Techno and DnB platform. It’s only been the past 12-18 months that I’ve actually invested in my own equipment and music to develop my own style/sound.”

Your muse? “We are blessed to have so many great DJs & Producers but someone I really enjoy watching is Jamie Jones – his energy and song selections are flawless. Shout out to Lauren Lo Sung too she can keep a room bouncing for hours! Just two of MANY!”

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