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Yves V ft Afrojack & Icona Pop

'We Got That Cool'


ANTHEM! That killer dance floor sound that you can’t keep still to, the alluring sunshine vocal and that catchy hook! This screams summer!  


Chart Position: #86 in UK


Yves V | Afrojack | Icona Pop



CHARTED: November 2019

Camila Cabello



Those vibrant trumpet flairs and the rhythmic beach beats have me hooked on this. Her sugar-coated voice has a flow which makes you sing together and also throw up your arms in a gentle waving motion.


Chart Position: #7 in Bulgaria


Camila Cabello 



DJ Snake & J. Balvin ft Tyga

'Loco Contigo'


Within the first few seconds, we get the little melody stuck firmly in our heads. The various lyrical flows compliment each other nicely full of flavour and heat. The song is all about passion, desire and being crazy over her.


Chart Position: #18 in Greece


DJ Snake | J. Balvin | Tyga